7 Ways for Women to Dress Confidently

The one thing in women’s fashion that never goes out of style is comfort and confidence. These two factors are extremely important, and they matter more than the latest trends. So let’s get into feeling comfortable in what you wear so that you can feel good in it. 

Wear Clothes You Are Comfortable With

There are many different types of clothes out there that you, as a woman, are spoiled for choice. However, the best way to dress is to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. 

That also applies to shoes. If you are a high-heel lover, then grab your favorite pair and hit the town. If sneakers are more your thing, then grab a pair and hit the town. 

Comfort is key to confidence. If you feel comfortable, then you will be more confident since your outfit will be fun and awesome to wear. 

Furthermore, being comfortable will make you feel more confident while showing off your signature style while in the perfect dress or outfit for you. 

Know and Understand How Your Body Type Works for You

When it comes to dressing up, you should know what would suit your body type the best. This can add to your comfort since you will be wearing items that suit you. The most common ones are: 


  • Rectangle
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Hourglass 


Knowing what your body type is can help you dress in a way that suits it, as well as to bring out your best features while hiding the ones that you are not too big of a fan of. 


That can also add to your personal style. Plus, there are many outfits, suits, and dresses for women that you can find plenty that make you look and feel good. Be it sweater dresses, maxi dresses, or even cocktail dresses, etc. As long as the outfit brings out your best features, then they are great to go.  


For example, for rectangle body shapes, a lot of stylists would suggest trying out off-the-shoulder tops, or tube dresses, and/or belted waists or high-waisted bottoms. While for pear shapes, they may suggest outfits that show off the waistline. 


Look into your particular body type and see what could go well with it. But, remember your comfort comes first, and this will lead more to your increase in confidence. 

Emphasize Your Best Features, De-Emphasize Your Least Favorite

When you know what body shape you have, you can emphasize your best features while de-emphasizing your least favorite parts. If you have a good-looking waist, why not show it off? 

Lovely shoulders? Wear a deep v-neck to make them stand out. Not keen on your arms too much? Wear a wonderful-looking, non-itchy long-sleeved top. Have amazing legs? Grab a short black dress. 

There are so many options for you to wear that you can easily make your assets shine and feel comfortable while doing so. Style and fashion should be ever-changing, fun, and, most importantly, comfortable. 

Mix and Match With Colors 

Another important feature when it comes to dressing up is colors. You can wear your favorite color day after day, but why not mix it up? Plus, when it comes to picking out colors, you should take into account the color/ tone of your skin as well as your hair color. 

For example, light-skinned women are often advised to wear darker colors, while those with darker skin are advised to wear lighter colors. This can be done to have a lovely contrast between your skin tone and the colors you wear. 

Speaking of contrast, you can also mix and match corresponding colors such as blue with a touch of orange. Or you can add something, a small detail, to make your outfit pop. It can be a scarf or a funny badge. Or you can use neutral colors, which are usually white, black, grey, or brown, as a base and add more items of color to your outfit. Either way, have fun with color and style.

Experiment and Find Own Your Style

When you first started dressing, you had to figure out and develop your own style. This is normal, and it usually can come with a lot of trial and error, for lack of a better phrase. But, then you find the style that is “so you,” you would tend to stick to it. Something that you like to wear and what you look good in. 

Do not lose this but also allow yourself to experiment and try new things — style changes, as do you. Your style can reflect the changes in your life. Or you can add to it to make it better as well as more comfortable. Remember, the more comfortable you are, the more confident you will become.

Have Time to Dress for Occasions

Certain occasions can require certain dress codes, even if they are unspoken ones. If you are going to an after-wedding party, you will dress differently than when you meet up with your friends for a cup of coffee. You should keep the purpose of the occasion in mind when planning and picking your outfit. 

Yes, you still want to be true to yourself, but spending a bit more time on the outfit can help you stand out more. Plus, it also can show that you care about the event and the people that are hosting it. If you do not take time for your outfit, you can come across as ungrateful or uncaring. And this never makes a good impression. A little time and effort go a long way.

Be Trendy With the Level You’re Comfortable With

As we have mentioned, you should experiment with style and colors. However, this experimentation should not come at the cost of your comfort. Allow yourself to play even with the latest fashion trends but remain in charge of your style — don’t let others dictate it. 

If you are a midi dress-wearing girl, try on a mini dress once and see how you feel. If you feel good and comfortable, add it to your collection; if not, at least you tried. That is the thing with trends — you can see what is out there and also see if it suits you. Trends come and go, but comfort and personal style are forever.