Russian Nesting Doll Tutorial That Will Motivate You

For over 100 years Matryoshka dolls have caught the creative ability of the two grown-ups and youngsters. Be that as it may, what is the story behind their starting point? There are differing adaptations of occasions with respect to how the first Matryoshka doll appeared. Matryoshka is perceived the world over, a conventional Russian mother figure wearing a brilliant scarf.

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The Features

Looking out with sad, painted eyes, she some of the time seems tragic yet offers comfort with her nature. Her name signifies “wedded lady” or “mother.” Always keeping her family shut, she’s an awesome storyteller and she’s great at math, as well. Want to know how to make a Russian Nesting doll? Then now you will have the answers available.

Matryoshka: The Russian Nesting Doll,” featuring the prevalent travel souvenirs with ever-littler figures stacked inside, may appear as though somewhat of a departure for an exhibition hall committed to lodging precious religious symbols. Be that as it may, the aptitudes used to make Matryoshka dolls are like symbol painting, said Kent dur Russell, CEO and custodian of the historical center.

No doubt about it, Matryoshka is no normal doll like Barbie or Skipper. She’s bustling dealing with the home, cooking and preparing, and when she goes to the market she conveys her whole family with her, settled just so. A multilayered image of Mother Russia herself, she was destined to conventional craftspeople, not some gigantic aggregate toy organization.

  • From around 1920 to the 1930s, Matryoshka and her family are spoken to in the display as workers wearing conventional costumes. There are different occasions she’s portrayed as an evil witch or a caring bear in which she has an impact in a fairytale, retelling stories to ages of youngsters. She’s a national image whose various layers enable youngsters to figure out how to tally and she’s a pocket-sized bit of folk art. In the Soviet time, Matryoshka is a smaller than expected history exercise with the essences of world pioneers.

The primary doll set was made in 1890 at a toy organization on the Abramtsevo estate in Moscow. In 1870, the estate had been bought by SavvaMamontov, an industrialist and benefactor of the arts. He established an artistic association at the estate, which incorporated the absolute best Russian artists of the time. A few workshops were worked there, including the Children’s Education Workshop where the principal dolls were made.

The Start of the Story

One story with respect to the starting point is that Matryoshka dolls were propelled by a doll brought once more from Japan by Mamontov’s better half. It is said that one of the artists was fascinated by the doll and chose to make something comparative in a Russian style.

Others state that the Matryoshka doll was developed in light of an interest for new items. The primary dolls were cut to utilizing a plan both of whom used to be artists. The journals of VasiliyZvyozdochkin discuss how he and his partners chose that a wooden doll they were making would be all the more intriguing with different toys covered up inside, yet there was no notice of a Japanese doll.

From Early Production to the Present Day

  • The first Matryoshka doll was known as The Rooster Girl. Every doll in the set was embellished with a thing identifying with worker life, including a dark chicken, a container and a floor brush.
  • The doll sets frequently pursued a particular theme, with early examples being from Russian custom or fantasies.
  • In spite of the fact that the Children’s Education Workshop shut during the late 1890s, Matryoshka creation proceeded at the new area of SergiyevPosad. There was a decrease in carefully assembled Matryoshka generation By the 1930s,, with more accentuation on large scale manufacturing.

In the mid 1990s the individual style of the artist ended up predominant once more, with the new place for Matryoshka generation appearing in Kirov.

There are as yet a few zones in Russia along with their very possess Matryoshka styles, comprising PolkhovskyMaidan, SergiyevPosad, Kirov and Semyonov.

Since the first Matryoshka dolls used to be made, a more extensive scope of themes have been presented. The early plans demonstrating the dolls in customary Russian dress stay famous, yet the range accessible presently incorporates Soviet pioneers, creatures and botanical themes. Additionally, there are Matryoshka dolls for the four seasons, as well as Christmas and Easter. Holiday-themed dolls are an accessory nowadays.

World Record

In 2003, a World Record was set for the biggest arrangement of Matryoshka dolls at any point made. The set was painted by YouliaBereznitskaia and comprises of 51 pieces. The biggest is 53.97cm tall, and the littlest is 0.31cm. At the point when arranged, the pieces measure multiple meters long!

Purchasing Matryoshka Dolls

Luckily, you don’t have to go the distance to Russia to purchase Matryoshka dolls. There are a few online retailers who use to import Matryoshka dolls, compromising the ones completed at the Semyonov production line, which use to be a noteworthy community for conventional Russian nesting doll artworks. A few retailers go to make fairs, so you can see the dolls previously purchasing.

Alert needs to be taken when purchasing Matryoshka dolls, particularly If you are purchasing antique ones as they may contain lead paint. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a cutting edge set of dolls, you ought to guarantee that you are purchasing from a trustworthy provider. They may not be reasonable presents for little kids because of little parts and the paint content.

In the event that you are feeling artistic, you can even have a go at painting your own. Sets are accessible as wooden figures with the essential diagram pre-printed for you to include the shading. You should prefer purchasing plain wooden puppets over PVC ones because of the bad effects of PVC nesting dolls.

Regardless of whether you simply need a set for decoration or are starting a gathering, there is no lack of themes to look over. The ubiquity of Matryoshka dolls has continued for over 100 years, and with an ever increasing number of structures getting to be accessible there is bounty to intrigue any gatherer.


Cutest Kigurumi For Babies That Will Make You Blush

Today I decided to tell you about the current autumn theme how to choose winter onesies. Children’s down onesies must choose the right. One of the types of comfortable outerwear is increasingly becoming down onesies, which wins the prizes of sympathy, both adults and children. Clothes, once used in the North, or by climbers, are becoming popular among various segments of the population.

However, the original meaning of the word down onesies with the development of industry has expanded. The filler in the form of pure down practically does not occur. A pen is used as an additive. Modern fillers are light. fluffy does not constrain the movements of the child. Walking in such a down onesie is a pleasure.

More soft and plush kigurumi for babies and toddlers available online for reasonable prices. There are many designs available without compromising its ability to give warmth. There are animal onesies, as well as fruit onesies.

How to choose a winter onesies child?

Remember the times when children, wrapped from head to foot in heavy fur coats, huge hats, and uncomfortable felt boots hurried to kindergarten. At the same time, the nose was blindfolded. For children 1-2 years old it was not at all possible to move in these clothes. Years passed, and modern children run around our courtyards in cozy onesies. On the playgrounds it was as if the colored peas had all scattered all color, bright.

The autumn months are ending and here in December. It is necessary to warm. How to choose a winter onesies child? Moms and dads go to the stores for onesies for the winter. In modern trade a huge selection of winter onesies, even the appearance of the eyes already diverges. The consultant begins to offer and show insides here and without preliminary preparation, it’s impossible to figure it out.

Onesies in shape

For the little ones, you can choose the fursuit and the kigurumi different yet alike. The feet of the baby will be together and will be warm. There are winter bags transformers, which are transformed from a bag into a normal onesie. From minuses of such onesies, the kid gathers all in onesies and drowns in it. And even such winter onesies for the smallest, which means that for the next winter the baby, will grow and he will have a new winter onesie.

Separate costume

The importance of onesies during winter could not be stressed enough. It is very recommended for children from 3 years. It is convenient to wear it yourself. It consists mainly of onesies and semi-onesies. It is very convenient for walks in the winter and riding on the hills. It is better to buy semi-onesies high, with the closed breast and a back – then snow precisely will not get under onesies. And if you go with the baby to the shopping center or clinic in the winter, you can only take off the onesies, and the child will not be hot. Both of these types are not only used during winter. Because of their cute  designs, you can let your child wear onesies during Halloween.

Fused onesies

This is a classic onesie. For babies up to a year, the winter onesies is selected with closure mittens and socks. Most often the convenience of moms is with two locks on the sides. Onesies are more often used without a scarf. There is no need for additional insulation. Onesies from the year with good, high-quality rubber bands, so that the snow did not get into the onesies. Some winter onesies warm additionally in the region of the priests kids at this age often fall or sit down on the snow.

Natural insulation in winter onesies

The easiest, the warmest winter insulation is goose down. Often the fluff is combined with a feather. The label must indicate the ratio of down and feather in winter onesies. The perfect combination is 80:20.

It follows wool, fine sheepskin. But this insulation is rather heavy, and it is not convenient for the child to move. It is believed that the natural insulation of winter onesies can cause allergies. And care for these things is difficult, most often manufacturers recommend dry cleaning.

Artificial insulators for winter onesies

Modern technology has developed a variety of insulation for winter clothing. Multiple lines of filers (holofiber, Cyber skin, polyfiber) and recently appeared isosoft have been added to the well-known sintepon. On many labels, the name “polyester” may be used. on imported items, any insulant may mean this.

On the label of the winter onesies, the insulation density in the product should be:

  • 150-200-200 grams up to 10 degrees.
  • 250-300 grams up to 20-25.
  • 350-400 grams to 30.

Filling baby down onesies

For a child, as well as for an adult, when selecting it, they usually pay attention to the material of manufacture, to the type of filler. Each of these parameters significantly affects the durability, convenience, and comfort of using the product.

At the same time, new fillers use synthetic materials as fillers that create warmth and comfort, each of which is designed to retain heat under certain conditions, but is capable of passing air, breathing.

There are a lot of fillers for children’s onesies down-padded coats now. The most important synthetic winterize, products with him appeared one of the first. For severe cold weather, it is not suitable for 10-15 degrees. Holofiber is considered the easiest. As filling onesies for children, it is perfect. Tinsley maintains up to -30 degrees.

All products with artificial perfectly washed at home. Children’s down onesies with natural fillers will have to pass in the dry cleaning – to wash the product with down is difficult. Pooh is going, and fluff it is quite difficult. This must be considered when buying down onesies.

Coating fabric for baby down onesies

When choosing a baby down onesies, usually take into account the season of use, the strength of the seams, their impregnation. The outer fabric must have sufficient strength and have a unique water resistance property.

On the label of the baby down onesies must be informed. After specifying the filler is the inscription Waterproof. After that, there are numbers from 3,000 to 20,000. For a baby down onesies, the onesies will be enough for up to 10,000. When making a purchase, pay attention to these indicator kids of any age like to smoke in the snow, play snowballs and invent many fun things.

To determine the quality of the product, it is recommended to wrinkle it, fold it slightly. With a good performance, the shape of a children’s down-padded coat is quickly restored, when folded, the product is quite compact.

As well as for an adult, when choosing a onesies for a baby with a natural or artificial filler, they pay attention to the manufacturer’s brand, checking as far as possible the authenticity of the label.

When selecting a product, the strength of the external material is tested, its composition, the probability of knocking the lining and insulation is studied.

To choose clothes for the baby, it is also important to consider his activity and freedom of movement. At the same time, it is not recommended to pick up a baby down onesies for a separate larger child, since this may create the possibility of blowing a baby.

Children’s onesies with thermal filler are trying to do with the hood, which, however, does not fit tightly to the head of the child. There must be a place for a warm hat. At the same time, leave the opportunity to wrap the neck of the baby. Many children’s down onesies are made so that the presence of a scarf is not necessary. Fasteners warm onesies should be hidden under the bar. And for kids up to 2 years old children’s down onesies will be equipped with mittens and boots. Some children’s down onesies have a lining in the chest or priests, allowing you to add or remove additional warming if necessary.

When choosing a product for children, its ability to cause allergies, strength, and convenience is evaluated. Children’s onesies down onesies should not cause discomfort. However, the color of the down onesies also matters. It should be bright, attractive. This is also necessary for security reasons the child in the bright down onesies of the onesies will always be in full view of the mother. Modern kids, like colored peas, poured into the yard. It is pleasant to look at such children, and most importantly: a baby down on onesies is cozy, comfortable and warm, just like how modern mattresses affect a baby‘s quality of sleep.


Love Bracelets 101: What’s In It For Me?

Silver has long been used in the manufacture of valuable products like amulets, chains, coins, dishes. This metal has many useful properties that are highly valued in medicine and the occult sciences. It has been proven that silver kills bacteria, disrupts the enzyme systems of foreign microorganisms, and precipitates proteins. If you decide to experience the valuable properties of the metal, then it is advisable to purchase a stylish decoration from it. Women’s silver bracelets are very popular. They can be made in a certain style and complemented by inserts of precious and ornamental stones, enamel or pearls. What are women’s silver bracelets offered by modern jewelers? You will get the best love bracelet ideas for her in this article.

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Choosing a silver bracelet on hand

You decided to decorate your wrist with a stylish silver decoration, but do not know what to choose? Pay attention to the following bracelet options:

Bracelets, hoops: These silver jeweleries were worn long before the appearance of newfangled trends and trends. Their homeland was the continent of Africa, where it is customary to wear simple plain things. This bracelet is made in the form of a thin or blown ring. Along the perimeter, the product can be decorated with an interesting ornament or, on the contrary, have a smooth glossy surface. Thin hoops are desirable to wear in a set of 3-5 pieces.

Soft women’s silver bracelets on hand:  This is the most suitable option for everyday wear. Products can consist of many links of different shapes armored and anchor types of weaving or several large parts connected by hinges or springs. The most popular subspecies of this jewelry are bracelets, chains, which are often decorated with special beads, charms.

Braided silver bracelet without inserts: Jewelers often use the original design of the product, in which it is made in the form of a pigtail on the basis of three or four stripes. It can be used slightly tinted silver pinkish, dark gray and metalized shade. Such jewelry looks very nice with elegant dresses.

Women’s silver bracelets with stones

Jewelers argue that no complicated weaving technique can be compared with inlaid stones. Indeed, each mineral has a certain charge of energy and unique color range, therefore an accessory with a stone looks more elegant and self-sufficient.

If you want to emphasize your elegance and aristocracy, then you should pay attention to the silver bracelet with pearls and mother of pearl. Always remember that bracelet exposes personality, so be very careful. The gentle glow of natural mother-of-pearl harmoniously complements the cold shine of silver, so the decoration is stylish and interesting. Pearl inserts can be complemented with pendants in the form of buds, petals or hearts. This design is very like romantic individuals and young girls.

If you want to emphasize your security and status in society, then we recommend purchasing a product with precious stones or minerals. This can be a silver bracelet with garnet, turquoise, topaz or chrysalides. Diamonds and sapphires cannot be found here, so very expensive stones are combined with white gold or platinum. Silver will make them a bit cheaper.

Silver bracelets for girls decorated with vitreous coating look very interesting. Colored enamel allows you to apply drawings of any complexity and size, creating original compositions and ornaments. The most popular product made in the technique of cloisonné enamel.

Bracelet chain is the simplest and most democratic version of the bracelet. As for the chain from which the bracelet is made, it may be simple or in the form of complex weaving with intersections, waves. It is worth noting that bracelets can be thin, as well as wide enough. Using the services of the online store each woman will be able to choose the best option for them.

Variety of choices

Interested cast bracelets made of silver, for more information about this jewelry.You can see the information on the corresponding tabs of the online store. One of the oldest types of jewelry are rigid silver bracelets. They look no less elegant than gold models, but at the same time their cost is much less. In the online store catalog you can see the following models:

  • Standard, in the form of a closed ring
  • In the form of an open circle
  • Hinge options.

Among this range, you will definitely choose for yourself the option that will satisfy all your wishes. You can always ask questions to the site consultants, they will be happy to answer them.

Today there are a lot of options for making them, so everyone can choose the most suitable one for themselves. But demanded today is bracelets chain. They will be appropriate in any image fashionable at the present time boho chic to strict business.

Buy this bracelet will not be a problem, because they are sold in many jewelry boutiques. But a profitable solution will be his purchase online store. Today, many people are shopping, and this is not surprising, because it is fast and convenient. Silver bracelets chains of women in a wide range on this site.

How to choose a bracelet

Before you start buying a silver bracelet, first of all you need to think about how often and where exactly you will wear it. Bracelets are just the most diverse. Some are suitable only for evening setting, while others, on the contrary, are at work. Do not forget that it is the design of the jewelry that determines its scope. Being creative in choosing bracelet is very important.

Women’s silver bracelets are now so diverse that it often creates a problem, and puts the buyer in front of a difficult choice. How to decide which jewelry you want to wear, however, a new fashion trend can solve this problem. Combinations of different types of bracelets will help to create new unique images. Bracelets for winter outfit can be different from bracelets for elegant dresses.

Wearing several silver bracelets makes it possible to demonstrate various styles that perfectly complement each other a simple and convenient silver bracelet will perfectly highlight the beauty and style of a complex silver bracelet in ethnic style. It will also allow you to demonstrate bracelets that have different textures. A silver bracelet with a patterned finish can be perfectly combined with a bracelet with a smooth surface.

The correct combination of several silver bracelets also gives you a great opportunity to mix old and new jewels.It is a great way to give a new life to those decorations that you rarely wear. No need to be afraid to experiment with combinations. Allow yourself to take a fresh look at wearing jewelry, wearing silver bracelets and bracelets made from other materials, such as wood or plastic, is perfectly acceptable combining different materials will also allow you to experiment with different color combinations, and only your imagination and sense of style will set boundaries.

Most of us have jewels that we love but don’t always wear, as we always want to show our new jewelry combinations of bracelets will help you rediscover some of the little treasures that you almost forgot about. The next time you can’t decide between the blue beads, the silver bracelet and the Murano glass bracelet, you should consider not wearing all three.


7 Fashion Trends That Will Be Big In The Coming Years

Spring/Summer 2019 was many, many things. While the majority of designers continued with the memo ‘you do you’, what united them was their search for an expression of female empowerment.

Running concurrent with the collections, the Kavanaugh proceedings provided the socio-political lens through which the fashion sorority viewed – and, we’ll readily admit, judged – every show!

Heated discussions were definitely had. Celine-gate sparked the white-hot debate about female authorship and agency versus that of the male designers who would define them.

And age-old bugbears such as white privilege, body negativity and ageism looked all the more unacceptable for it – even if diversity and inclusion on the runways was at an all-time high (with behind-the-scenes still very much a work in progress).

The question of how designers envision women, what a woman wears and the image she projects has become a political hot potato. The big takeaway from the season? To value those visions that really are attuned to reflecting our truth in some way so that we can do us.


Designers took an escapist turn with the season’s Neo Boho trend. The look is long, languid and sensual, saturated in warm desert and sunset hues at Chloé and Loewe or clashing carpet and tile prints, as at Paco Rabanne and Philip Lim.

With this trend you’ll see amulet jewellery, crochet pieces and raffia accessories, an ode to souvenirs picked up on pilgrimages to Ibiza, Joshua Tree or an ashram in India.

THE LOOK: sun-kissed hues and neutrals, clashing geometric prints, scarf dresses, artisan knits, fringing, crochet shoulder sacks.


The suit is a wardrobe classic (the seasonal appearance of Le Smoking at Saint Laurent is testament to that). It’s evergreen. In this case, literally, with SS19’s new take on the style. This is the season of Starburst suiting that runs the gamut in terms of colour and cut.

Skirts, shorts, trousers and jackets come in bold, bright shades that can pack a punch as a full look, as they were at Chanel and Gucci, or be mixed up with softer hues and dressed down with denim, as they were at Victoria Beckham and Giuliva Heritage Collection.

THE LOOK: colour – subtle and statement – with bold, bright shades, as well as pastels. Blazers are single-breasted, double-breasted, asymmetric-knot-fastened, and the lower half is either relaxed or fitted. Whatever the shape, it’s all about colour.


At his debut Louis Vuitton menswear show in June, Virgil Abloh introduced the concept of ‘accessomorphosis’: the transformation of bags and wallets into clothing. This season, everyone from Chanel to Proenza Schouler did a riff on that theme, with boxy car coats at Fendi featuring patch pockets labelled ‘Keys’, ‘Coins’ and ‘Phone’.

Proof that fourth-wave feminism can take designers down unexpected avenues, the thinking behind this trend is, presumably, if you have to multi-task, so should your clothes.

THE LOOK: patch pockets; front-loaded tool belts slung across the body; the mega-return of cargo pants in dusky hues.


Consider this SS19’s antidote to the hoodies and athleisure-wear. Fine tulle, ruffles, balloon sleeves, bubble skirts, swirls of taffeta and duchess satin, sunray pleats and personality-packed volume dresses – for Spring, everyone from Raff Simons at Calvin and Marc Jacobs to Miu Miu and Matty Bovan, made a case for the appreciation of couture dressmaking and craft skills. With its inclusive fabulousness of shape, the Valentino show received a standing ovation and marked the trend at its apotheosis.

The general rule: 50s and 60s era couture gowns reworked as shorter, less precious, more casual pieces. Wear with a pair of trainers and make this work for the every day.

THE LOOK: a devil-may-care attitude to precious, crushed cocktail sheaths; volume dresses, corsages, ostrich feathers.


From ostrich to peacock, feathers are the new fur.


We’ve been seeing a 90s revival in many ways over the last year, with slip dresses, satin skirts, fluffy accessories and, yes, even frosted lip shades making a come back. But we’ve yet to see this one 90s trope striding back down the streets, until now that is.

Back in the guise of satin pumps and flats at Erdem, giving Regency vibes and in the form of high heeled boots at Cavalli, the square toe is having a renaissance.


Nostalgia is nothing new, but this throwback to early-Nineties terrestrial television is. This is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style (no, that isn’t Ashley, with her boxy blazer, XL lapels and clashing graphics at Louis Vuitton). Think back to the word art and swirling graphics of the opening credits of Saved By The Bell and Clarissa Explains It All – but on shirts and skirts at Balenciaga and Versace.

THE LOOK: swirling terrestrial TV graphics in bold, bright shades; pastels clash with paint-stroke prints. The silhouette is top-heavy, with oversized jackets and shirts. The return of key Nineties styles: acid and light-wash denim, and the boxy blazer.

Check out 31 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends from Cosmopolitan.


How To Wear Sneakers


In case you’ve been living under a rock, your sneakers are meant for more than just the gym these days. Though they got their start as flimsy “plimsolls” meant for working-class holidaymakers and purpose-built footwear designed for athletes, sneakers have become a staple in a every man’s (and woman’s, for that matter) wardrobe. From lifestyle to red carpet to sports, nowadays your sneakers can be an expression of yourself. And today we’re showing you how to do it right.

Sneaker Rules: The Basics

No matter what kind of sneakers you settle on, there are a few basic principles for how to wear sneakers.


  • Buy sneakers that suit your current wardrobe: What good does it do to buy the latest ‘hype’ style if it doesn’t suit your style? Don’t hop on the trend train just because it’s passing through. Choose shoes that complement what you already have, not shoes that require you to repurchase your entire wardrobe. We’re looking at you Yeezy lovers.
  • Wear them to the right occasions (don’t go too casual): Sneakers are incredibly versatile, but they’re no substitute for dress shoes. You can get away with sneakers with any off-duty outfit – and perhaps even some casual, unstructured suits – but they’re not meant for every occasion (i.e. weddings). Err on the side of overdressed rather than underdressed.
  • Keep them clean: It doesn’t matter how cool your sneakers are, the effect will be lost if they’re not spick-and-span. Proper sneaker maintenance includes washing the laces, eliminating odours, brushing the outsoles, and using shoe trees and sneaker shields.

Understanding Your Sneakers & Trainer Types

Sneakers come in many shapes and sizes these days. From the very basic to the brightest leather, from the minimal to the metal fastenings, there are few rules when it comes to your trainers. With so many options available, it can be hard knowing exactly what’s what and even harder to know what’s most likely to suit your wardrobe and taste.

Luckily, you have us here to make things easier. We’ve put together a How To Wear Sneakers Style 101 guide that should have you acing your footwear exams in no time.

  • Basic Sneakers – These are your Converse, Vans, etc., types. Sometimes they come in leather, but they’re typically found in canvas and in basic colours. On the whole they’re generally affordable and easy to wear / clean.
  • Refined Luxury Sneakers – They might bear a resemblance to the basic sneakers, but they’re more expensive and often made from suede or leather by brands like Tom Ford, Lanvin & Saint Laurent. These are not something you take to a music festival.
  • Classic Sports Sneakers – Think Nike Air Max 90, Reebok Pump, Asics, Tiger and other forms of old school sport greatness. What was once ready for the track and field is now kept safely in a shoe collection at home.
  • Current Sport Sneakers – Again, these are your Nike, Adidas and Puma brands, but with modern styling and shapes.
  • High-fashion Sneakers – These are the work of brands like Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, Maison Martin Margiela, Diemme and even Giuseppe Zanotti. They’re loud and designed to be noticed.
  • High Tech – This special group may not be universally recognised yet, but I hear by dub it “High Tech.”  This is the category for the likes of Rick Owens and other designers who are really pushing the limits of sneaker design.

What You Need To Know To Get The Best Look

Now that you’ve selected your poison, it’s time to actually pair them with your wardrobe. And no, it’s not a case of wearing your one pair of sneakers with any pair of jeans. There’s a fine art in the craft so pay attention.

Check out 5 tips on wearing sneakers with jeans. 

The Basic Classics

Cons, Chucks, canvas kicks… whatever you call them, the basic sneaker is the most versatile casual sneaker you can buy. They work well with denim, chinos and shorts of pretty much any colour and shade.

Where I find guys sometimes get a little unstuck with these types of sneakers is when they wear them to smart casual events or to work when a dress shoe is required. The basic sneaker DOES NOT work for every occasion and should be kept solely for casual situations. Your best bet on top is to run with print t-shirts, gingham shirts or even a blazer for the college professor look.

  • Mix with relaxed, slim & skinny denim and chinos
  • Keep for casual/street occasions only
  • Maintain to ensure they stay clean and respectable
  • Best suited to younger men

Refined Luxury Sneakers


My personal favourite is the luxury take on the basic sneaker. These beautiful specimens have allowed sneakers to jump from street casual to smart casual without looking like they belong on a teenage boy. They can be worn with tailored trousers, slim denim, chinos and in some cases even casual unstructured suiting.

I tend to avoid wearing them with shorts, as these sneakers are quite often bulky in comparison to the basic canvas sneakers. Keep it refined on top to match the shoe. Basic t-shirts, smart shirts and polos are all great options. For a more distinct look, opt for a shirt with a slim or knit tie, a blazer and some slim denim.

  • Dress up, not down
  • Start with black, then purchase other colours
  • Take extra care with suede and don’t wear it too often
  • Try brighter pairs for summer / European holidays

Classic Sports Sneakers

Sneakerheads, unite! These babies started the sneaker revolution that we have today. Jordans, Pumps, 90s – these are your street-going, hip-hop kicks that are just popping with colour. The idea with classic sports sneakers is to find a couple that complement your style and purchase a few pairs in different colours.

Slim- and tapered-fit denim, loose t-shirts (with or without prints) and casual outerwear are your essential staples when it comes to dressing these sneakers. Pair them with chino shorts for an easy win in summer. The key is to find the balance between hip-hop artist and everyday citizen. Some guys like to rock a snap back – that’s up to you. Personally, I like to colour match my sneakers with what I’m wearing on top, to give the look a sense of purpose and cohesiveness.

  • Find a few styles you like and stick to them
  • Colour match if you can
  • Pin roll, or rock with khaki chinos when it’s warm
  • Sell them on eBay if you don’t like them

Current Sport Sneakers

Wearing this style of sneaker can have you looking like Jerry Seinfeld if you’re not careful. On the other hand, you can quite easily look like a ‘houso’ (chav) if you pair them with tracksuit pants. As much as possible, stick with sneaker releases that are low profile with a fashionable edge.

Too runnery/sporty and they’ll look bulky and not quite right. Wear these as you would classic sneakers or with gym/running gear on the weekend. Steer clear of denim that’s loose fitting, as it never seems to work. Instead choose slim Nudie chinos or elastic cuff variations. On top, keep it sporty and casual with t-shirts only.

  • Avoid all white pairs
  • Don’t tuck shirts into denim with these sneakers
  • Go for a sporty look to compliment the shoe

High-Fashion Designer Sneakers

Expensive and not for the faint of heart, these top end sneakers are getting louder and more in-your-face every season. For an example of someone who wears them well consistently, look to Kanye West. A common approach to wearing these sneakers matches them with slim denim that’s often gathered at the bottom and t-shirts with open plaid shirts. There’s also the parisian style, which includes long and drapey blazers and singlets that add even more edge to the look. Black denim is a must-own item as well as longer, looser fit t-shirts.

  • Stick with blacks, whites and mute colours
  • Let the sneakers to the talking
  • Denim is your best friend

High Tech, High Fashion

Only a few will dare to wear these sneakers. They’re highly fashion-forward and to me only really work with drapey and long fitting clothing. Stick with black and do as little as possible to draw attention to the shoes – they will do that themselves. Ideally you want people to think that you’re not trying too hard when you wear these types of kicks, so muted attire is best.

  • Black, black, and more black
  • Go for long and draped style of clothing
  • Be prepared for people’s comments

Introducing Squishies – The Newest Trend Your Kids Will Love

If your kid loves collecting things, don’t worry, it’s normal. Children are collectors by default, and the newest craze that they’ll want to collect are Squishies. Here’s what you need to know about these perfect toys for family day out:


For one, the Squishy is a Japanese import, and rather hard to find. We know that most grownups never heard of these, but if your kid has, you’ll need to get them at least one and learn a bit about these toys.

What are Squishies?

These small mascots are soft and bread-like. They come in different shapes, and they look like characters, baked goods or a combo of those two. Usually scented, these toys are the newest iteration of a stress-relief toy. Soft and absolutely kawaii (“cute” in Japanese), these are most commonly shaped like bread or cake. They are usually attached to a lanyard or a smartphone strap.

But, why do kids love them?

Well, for one, they are adorable. However, that’s not all. They are also tactile and fun because kids can squish them again and again since they regain their original shape rather quickly. That’s also where the name came from. Add in the candy-like scent of the squishy, and you’ll understand why kids love it so much.

Where did Squishies come from?

Like a lot of great fads, this one originated in Japan. People in Japan love decorating their phones with fake fruits, gems, and treats. In addition to this, they also love hanging funny or adorable straps on their phones. Phone straps are a hit in Japan, and they have only been growing in popularity recently.


When we tried to find out how exactly teens in the US became fascinated with squishies, we narrowed the starting point of the craze down to one place – YouTube. If you enter “squishy” into the YouTube search, you’ll get hundreds of videos about these toys. Kids and adults trade squishies online, show off their collections, and even try to make some DIY home project squishies. If you decide to watch those videos on YouTube, you’ll notice two things really quickly. The first one is that these kids are literally obsessed with squishies. The second one, everyone wants to have as many as possible, and the rarer they are, the better.

Where can you get Squishies?

The offer of these toys is the best in Japan, of course. However, most parents won’t travel all around the globe just to get a 5$ toy. Another great place for finding these toys are China Town or Japan Town (if your city has it) stores. However, the very easiest way to track down some adorable squishies is right here, online.


There are several websites that offer a large assortment, and whose shipping is free for orders over a certain value.


Congrats, our Squishies 101 tutorial is now over. You now know almost as much about squishies as your kid does. So, when your little one asks you to get them a squishy, you know what to do, where to find it, and just how cute the new toy you’ll be getting your kid is.


Jacket Fashion Tips for Petites

Jackets belong in every petite woman’s wardrobe because a jacket is a go-to garment for both work and weekend wear. Wearing a jacket is also a great way to hide midriff and tummy bulges. To get the maximum style boost from a jacket, petites should look for the jacket features that work best for short women.

1. Choose single-breasted jackets, rather than double-breasted jackets. Petites don’t need extra bulk in their clothing.

2. Pick a classic jacket with a V-neckline. Classically styled jackets that form a V-neckline when buttoned flatter petites because they make us look taller.

3. Buy fitted or semi-fitted jackets to create flattering, shapely lines. Petites can get lost in loose-fitted or oversized jackets.

4. Make sure jackets fit in the bust. You should be able to button a jacket without any gaping or pulling across the bust line.

5. Wear shorter jackets that end at the high hip and flatter most petites by creating the illusion of longer legs.

6. Wear jackets with long sleeves or at least three quarter length sleeves. Short-sleeved jackets are fairly useless.

7. Select jackets made of smooth, rather than thick, bulky fabric in order to create a longer, leaner line.

8. Create the illusion of a slimmer and taller line by wearing jackets with vertical lines and seaming .

9. Avoid patch pockets, no matter where they’re placed on jackets, to maintain the sleekest line.

10. Maximize wearability and create a leaner, taller look by selecting jackets in solid colors without embellishment. If you love prints, you can always wear a print blouse, dress, or skirt with your jacket. Jackets with subtle neutral designs, such as Glen plaid or pinstripes, will also work for petites.

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